Jesus Christ is Lord


Joe & Evelyn McCartney

Joe & Evelyn worked in Brazil in a church planting role for over 41 years. Joe died suddenly on 13th October 2014. Evelyn continues to serve in Brazil in 121 bible studies, Sunday School and evangelism.

They worked in a place called Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil where Evelyn still is located. In one church they set up Campaigners which is a uniformed youth organisation and is called Pioneros in Brazil. It has been very successful and several other churches have been enquiring about setting up a similar organisation in their church.

They were involved in a building project to erect a new church as the fellowship had outgrown their existing building. An Operation Centurion work team from Dundonald went out to assist with this.

There is now a second small group of believers who are looking to establish a church in the area. They have recently called a Pastor, a missionary from the US and he has been helping the church get established. They now have a building programme that is moving ahead quickly and they are seeing good growth in the church with a real sense of unity and purpose.

Evelyn has completed her final term in Brazil and is now settling in NI with her family and seeking opportunities to serve.